You’ll Get a Kick Out of These 20 Wedding-Related Someecards

Here's one to send to a fellow bride-to-be!

Here’s one to send to a fellow bride-to-be!

You’ve heard of Someecards, yes? We often see them circulating around social media and we get a good laugh anytime we stumble upon one that’s wedding-related (sometimes they can be a bit offensive, but many of them are hilariously accurate).

A few years back we actually posted a roundup of funny wedding Someecards, and we thought it was time to update that list with a bunch of our new favorites. You’ll find that the site has quite the selection of engagement, wedding and marriage themed cards; these are just a few of funniest, most realistic ones we could dig up there and elsewhere.

Whether you’re a wedding guest or the bride and groom, we’ve got something in here for you to send out to your friends (as long as they have a good sense of humor!).

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