Use This Guide to Figure Out Which Caribbean Island Is Right for Your Honeymoon



To me, the first thing a couple should decide upon when beginning the narrowing down of their honeymoon locale is whether they’re going to take an explore-all-of-Europe kind of trip, or a lay-face-down-on-the-beach kind of trip.

Once you’ve decided on that—let’s say, for the sake of this post, it’s the latter—then you’ve got to figure out which region of the world’s beaches you wish to lay upon (Mexico? Indonesia?), and then you’ve got to pick a country or an island. It’s all worth it, no doubt, but unless you have both had a dream destination in mind your whole lives, it won’t necessarily be as easy as a clicking BOOK! on the computer.

That’s why we think this handy guide over on Travel & Leisure is so helpful: the slideshow runs through the Caribbean’s most popular islands—the Caribbean itself, of course, being a very popular destination for lovey-dovey honeymooners—and breaks down why you might prefer Aruba over Turks & Caicos or St. Barth’s over Barbados or St. Lucia over Anguilla based on whether you’re foodies or golfers or adventurers or spa-goers or looking for a kid-free environment. It strikes us as a really great tool to click through if you’re still in those last narrowing-down negotiations of the “Where are we gonna go on our honeymoon?” portion of your planning.

So. Where are you gonna go on your honeymoon?

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