This Simple Trick Will Keep the Bottom of Your Dress From Getting Wrecked During Your Reception



Any woman who has ever worn a gown with even the slightest of trains will tell you how frustrating it is to have people constantly stepping on your hem; it’s enough of a struggle not to accidentally trip over yourself, let alone pay attention to where other people are placing their feet.

On your wedding day in particular—between the super long dress and the dance floor (and, you know, its glistening whiteness)—you’re bound to have a few footsteps yanking at the edge of your gown and sullying it all up. This is where bustling comes in, of course—but even with your dressed neatly tied up, there’s still the possibility of your still-long hem being stomped on, and the ribbons, hooks or buttons being ripped right out.

That’s why we are sharing this very smart trick that we just saw on Glamour—what a great, so-easy idea! Might be the cleverest wedding-dress trick we’ve seen since we learned about the best way to pee in a wedding dress.

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