PW Reader Ring: Sara and Justin!

Sara's ring!

Sara’s ring!

The couple: Sara Kessinger and Justin Rosenbaum

The ring: The gorgeous center diamond in my ring is a fourth-generation stone passed down from my fiancé’s great-grandmother to his grandmother to his father to him! The stone is a miners-cut diamond—the pre-cursor to today’s cushion, and it’s set in white gold with a halo of diamonds.

What really blows my mind is that this stone was very likely cut by hand. My fiancé worked with a local family friend, Stephen McCarthy Goldsmith in Newtown Square, to reset the stone in my dream setting. He took me shopping to get an idea of what I liked, but never told me he had his grandmother’s diamond! It was such a wonderful surprise and the most beautiful way to be welcomed into his family. I think about Dora and Rosalind Rosenbaum every time I look at my hand.

The proposal: My fiancé not only gave me the most special (and gorgeous) ring I could ever imagine, but proposed in a way that left me speechless. After opening presents at my parents house in Nashville this Christmas, he handed me a scrapbook he made of our love story. He worked on it for weeks with his mom and nailed every detail—he even took the time to get coasters from Urban Saloon in Fairmount, the bar where we first met.

On the very last page of the book was a huge photo of us with the caption, “How about forever?” at which point he got down on one knee.

The band: Wedding band suggestions, please! This ring already has so much sparkle, but I’m still partial to a sparkly wedding band. The ring is also relatively low because I hated the cathedral look of engagement rings. I may need a custom shape for my band so it will snuggly fit against my engagement ring. Would love ideas!

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