9 Tips For How to Fight With Your Spouse Without Ruining Your Marriage



It’s no shocker that with marriage comes marital disputes—it’s just part of the territory when you’re sharing your life with another human being. The key to surviving these arguments (both serious and trivial ones) though, is in knowing how best to handle them, and luckily journalist Jim Dowling has it all figured out.

The author of the recently-released “How to Be a Husband,” Dowling has quite a bit of knowledge about how to fight with your spouse without ruining your marriage. It’s never too late to apologize, learn to lose an argument and own your stupidity are just a few of his go-to strategies for keeping the peace at home. He even condones going to sleep angry.

And yes, we realize these tips are mostly geared toward the man in your life (so do indeed pass this along to him), but it couldn’t hurt to take a few notes for yourself too—they may just come in handy next time you want to start a fight about whose turn it is to do the dishes.

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