Attention, Brides Who Don’t Cook: These 8 Weight-Loss Tips Are For You



You know, even though this particular weight-loss advice is geared towards people who don’t cook, it’s honestly helpful for everyone. I mean, raise your hand if you love to cook and are perfectly capable of it—but more nights out of the week than not, there just simply isn’t time, and you don’t? {*Raises hand*}

Because of that unfortunate but common circumstance, we’re grateful that our buds at Be Well Philly posted about these diet tips geared towards people who are not, for whatever reason, spending all of their time in the kitchen preparing healthy, nutritious and low-cal meals for themselves, but rather who are ordering them, whether it’s in or out.

Because the thing is (as obviously, you know), when you are planning a wedding, your life is even more hectic than it usually is, and so whether you’re normally the Barefoot Contessa or not, it can always help to have some smart ammunition in your back pocket as you try to get ready to rock that dress.

What are your best on-the-go diet tips?

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