The Checkup: The Non-Cook’s Guide to Eating Well and Losing Weight

And more healthy reads from around the Web.



• Look, we can’t all be Julia Child (minus all the butter) in the kitchen. But even if cooking isn’t your forte, you can still eat well and lose weight with a few easy tricks from the pros. Click through to check ’em out. [Fitbie]

• Runners, you need to read this: seven smart habits of highly effective runners. [Competitior]

• Here’s something to add to your shopping list: toxin-free condoms. (Hey, it’s a smart idea!) [Well + Good]

• Ever wonder when the best time to work out for you is? A small new study looked at exactly that and determined optimal workout times based on when you wake up in the morning. [Yahoo Health]

• Cool! REI and the American Council on Exercise have teamed up for new specialized outdoors classes on trail running, mountain climbing and backpacking. [Men’s Journal]

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