PW Reader Ring: Jennifer & Bill!

This proposing groom had a little help from The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln.

Jennifer's ring!

Jennifer’s ring!

The couple: Jennifer Gladney and Bill Frysinger from Northeast Philadelphia

The ring: My ring has three princess-cut diamonds set in white gold. Bill got the ring at Kay Jewelers. I had absolutely no idea he had any plans for proposing, but most of my family knew. He even took my dad with him to help pick out the ring, as they are very close.

The proposal: Bill and I love to go to fan conventions, and my favorite genre is horror movies and television. And more than anything, it’s The Walking Dead.

I have a poster that, at the time, I had signed by nearly every cast member from the show, and there were only two people left that I needed: David Morrissey (aka The Governor) and Andrew Lincoln (aka Rick Grimes).

A convention was being held in Atlanta, Georgia featuring both actors, which was extremely rare, as Andrew rarely ever does conventions. I figured it would be a long shot to meet him, but Bill and I managed to get tickets (there were only 300 available!), and Bill’s grandmother generously gave us some of her frequent flyer miles to get there.

The convention started on Friday, but Saturday was the day I would meet Andrew Lincoln! The day started out with a very long wait in a very long line. At one point, one of the creators of the convention, James, stepped out and asked that no one take pictures or video with Andrew, and to please not spend too long talking to him, because he’s such a nice guy that he will listen and it will hold up the line.

At that point, Bill stepped away from the line, saying he was going to speak to James to see if he could sneak a picture with Andrew for me. I watched as Bill talked quietly to James, and to my surprise, James took Bill up to the table and had him hand his phone over to one of the volunteers, Duncan. I might be one of the few to get a picture with Andrew Lincoln!

The line moved slowly, but we were near the front. As we reached the table, I pulled out my poster and began to get nervous. Bill, not usually the type to get nervous when meeting celebrities, seemed nervous as well. I asked him why he seemed nervous, but he only replied that it was because of meeting Andrew. As we were two people away, Duncan began filming on Bill’s phone. I had no idea I would get video of me meeting Andrew!

Andrew was smiling as we walked up, and I asked if I could have a hug. He obliged, and I smiled from ear to ear. I had no idea how this moment could be any more amazing. Bill shook Andrew’s hand and they talked a bit about Bill’s soccer jersey, and especially about how Andrew wants to try a Philly cheesesteak, as Bill had told him where we came from. As we were talking, I mentioned how amazing it was getting to meet him, and he responded that he was happy he could make it memorable.

Andrew Lincoln presides over Bill's proposal!

Andrew Lincoln presides over Bill’s proposal!

At that moment, Bill asked Andrew if he would help Bill make this moment a little more memorable. I was confused, and had no idea what he was talking about. At that moment, Bill pulled out a ring and got down on his knee! He told me that he knew from the first moment that he would spend the rest of his life with me, and asked me to marry him. The crowd roared. I was in complete shock! My mind was a blur, and I had to cover my mouth with my hands before I said, “Yes!” Andrew was going insane! He was laughing and cheering, and said he had the “shivers.” All of this was happening in front of nearly three hundred people! And Duncan was filming the whole thing!

Andrew said that was the first time anyone had done something like that in front of him. I think he was just as surprised as I was! It was the perfect proposal.

The band: I have no idea what kind of band I want to get to go with my ring, yet! But that can all come in due time.

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