Watch: This Couple’s Walking Dead Save-the-Date Video Is Really Good (And Maybe a Little Scary)

Walking Dead is one of those TV shows where the anxiety of what each episode will hold very nearly outweighs my looking forward to whatever excitement and entertainment it’ll also hold—but the scales are even enough that I continue to watch it anyway.

However, whenever I can, I fast-forward through the opening credits, because that theme song fills me with dread. Like, why-on-earth-am-I-watching-this dread.

So, that’s what was mostly in my mind as I watched this couple’s Walking Dead-themed save-the-date video—they use the show’s opening credits as the way to convey info about their wedding—but it’s actually so clever and cool and well done that, just like with the show, I was able to get over the dark and terrifying and ominous soundtrack and just enjoy it. See if you can do the same:


{h/t: HuffPo/Reddit}

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