This Couple Did a Walking Dead-Inspired Zombie Apocalypse Engagement Photo Shoot

Photo by Steven Miljavac via Reddit.

Photo by Steven Miljavac via Reddit.

Well, I guess it’s only fair that zombies are enjoying such a prolonged stay in the limelight—after all, vampires were (/are still?) in it for what were probably some people’s entire adolescence.

In the fall of 2012, we brought you an entertaining/traumatizing video snippet from the wedding of this Philly couple who threw a zombie wedding at Barcade in Fishtown, and since then (and really, even before then), zombie-themed wedding-related parties and photo shoots have popped up all over the place. And just this morning, we saw one on HuffPo by way of Reddit, when the bride posted a few snaps from her and her fiance’s recent Walking Dead-inspired engagement shoot.

I much more enjoy that they are playing the role of fleeing humans instead of that of brain-eating dead people, which just doesn’t seem to scream, “We are in love in getting married!” as much as you might like your engagement photos to. (But I mean, on the other hand, they are obviously being a very strong, bonded team as they work together to escape the zombies, so, you know, that whole theme actually kinda works.)

The photos are pretty cool. Click here to see them all.

Are any of you planning on doing a kind of kooky or unusual engagement shoot? 

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