Couple Spoofs Stereotypical Engagement-Picture Poses



Whether you have participated in them or clicked through them off your Facebook newsfeed, it really does seem like engagement photos are everywhere sometimes.

They didn’t used to be a thing that so many couples did, but these days, an engagement session is often included in many a wedding photographer’s package—and either way, there are also two legitimate reasons that many couples do them: 1) Moms want/demand them. 2) It really truly is a good way to loosen up a bit before you have a camera in your face for eight hours straight on your wedding day. That, whether it’s for the purpose of candid or posed shots, is not something most people are used to, and grooms especially can often feel super awkward about it. Doing an engagement session peels off the first awkward layer for a lot of couples—and as a plus, it’s always great to have some hang time with your photog before your Big Day. You’re going to be awful close with them then, after all.

In an effort to poke a little fun at the typical and repeated engagement-photo poses that they saw everywhere—and to have a little fun themselves—one engaged couple, Marian and Elliot, decided to do one such session—with a little twist. This is what Marian said when she shared her story with Offbeat Bride:

So, as a joke, we started talking about doing spoofs of these photos — some gender-swapped (how would Elliot look with his leg cocked while kissing me?), others just extreme takes on traditional photos (what if, instead of leading me gently down a grassy meadow path, Elliot was snapped dragging my body into the woods?).

Elliot and I started a Google doc for fun, highlighting our most ridiculous ideas. When my dear friend, Malia, saw the list, she insisted on taking the photos. She’d been a wedding and engagement photographer for 10 years and said she was tired of the familiar poses. So as our wedding gift, Malia followed us around San Francisco while we acted like idiots and Elliot posed as a traditional blushing bride. I don’t think anyone has ever had more fun …

You can see the results of their little sesh in that post—and as you can see, seems like they nailed all the biggies, right? Ha.

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