Wow Your Guests: The New Rittenhouse Spa & Club Can Choreograph a Flash Mob-Style Dance for Your Wedding Reception 



By now you’re probably pretty familiar with the whole flash mob proposal thing (we love this Philly one), but imagine pulling off a surprise like that during your actual wedding reception—you know, when you (and even your whole bridal party) can be in on the entire thing.

Well we just heard that the team over at the new Rittenhouse Spa & Club (which opened this past fall) can help you do just that by putting together a dance routine that’ll totally wow—and surprise!—your guests. (And you know that’s just about our favorite thing ever.)

They call it the Bridal Luxe Flash Mob, and the service is available to all Philly brides, whether you’re hosting your party at the Rittenhouse Hotel or not. Here’s the scoop: Brides-to-be can book the Bridal Package, which includes 16 personal training sessions, two months of unlimited use of the Spa & Club’s fitness center, six wellness coaching sessions and two flash mob dance classes (which can be attended by anyone else involved in the dance). Or, if you want to focus solely on the dance classes, Fitness & Wellness Director Jane Diamond says she can customize a package for you that does just that, depending on your needs for the occasion.

The dance classes are taught by Kelli Moshen of Project Moshen Dance Company, and she’ll work with you to choreograph the entire production—set to a song of your choosing—based on who you want to be involved. Whether it’s just you and your groom busting a move for your first dance, or you want the bridal party, band members and catering staff to jump in as well, Moshen can accommodate any vision you have in mind.

And when the Big Day comes and it’s time to put your lessons into action, Diamond will make sure that everyone knows their cues: She’ll coordinate with your planner, DJ/band leader and the venue’s site director to ensure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

To book your package or to find out more about the Bridal Luxe Flash Mob, contact Jane Diamond at 215-790-2500 or

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