Look at This Couple (In Full Wedding Regalia and Scuba Gear) Getting Married Underwater 



When Polish bride Dorota Bankowska planned her wedding, she decided she wanted to do something special and unusual—and, as a bonus, show her friends and family what she does for a living. (Bankowska is something called a saturation diver, which means she dives into depths in the North Sea, maintaining pipelines and such for oil and gas companies. Apparently, there are only a few women out there who do this. Whoa.)

And so, she and her husband exchanged vows—along with his best man and her maid of honor—underneath the water at The Underwater Centre in Scotland, where she had trained. (Her wedding dress and his kilt were weighted down to help them stand on the bottom of the tank, outside of which 100 guests looked on.)

Both ABC News and BBC News have some picture of this highly impressive ceremony—as well as the bride and groom on dry land. (And in dry wedding clothes.)

Remember the jet pack couple? Yeah, we think they have them beat.

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