This Bride Bartered $80,000 Worth of Vendor Services for Her Wedding 



In the past few months, we have seen couples have fab, full-blown, large-scale weddings for which they did not pay a dime—first, with the rise of crowdfunding for wedding costs, and secondly with the example of the couple who negotiated so many corporate sponsorships for various aspects of their Big Day that they weren’t even paying for their honeymoon.

Now, it looks like, we can add a third method for having your dream wedding without coughing up any actual money for it: bartering.

ABC News tells us the story of the Piches in California—Jessica and Isaac—who managed to “pay” for their $80,000-value wedding through bartered services. The couple owns a video production company, and offered to produce online video content and commercials for their vendors—and apparently, quite a few of them took them up on it. Other than a $1,000 deposit for their venue, the couple had everything from a live band to pre-wedding facials for their wedding without writing a single check. (They estimate it will take them a year to even up with all their trades.)

I’m not sure this is exactly something that will take off—any couple, if they so choose, can set up a crowndfunding website or try to do the sponsorship thing, but it’s not like every couple even has a legit, useful service they’d be able to offer that a vendor would be interested in—but it’s kind of an interesting idea. Wonder if it’s at least something we’ll hear about here and there in times to come.

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