So. Are Corporate-Sponsored Weddings Going to Become the Next Thing?

Welp, we’ve talked here about couples crowdfunding weddings recently—and now this week we have been introduced to a couple who is determined to not pay a dime for their wedding or honeymoon via as many corporate sponsorships as they can collect.

We’ve definitely heard about this sort of thing going on—couples receiving free loot or services for the weddings via some sort of barter or trade—but this might be the first time we’ve come across a couple looking to do the whole shebang this way.

They’re offering sponsoring companies everything from signage at the ceremony to having their logo sewn onto the bride’s dress (!) via their website, which, goodness. Not my cup of tea, this whole thing—but “to each their own” is certainly never more true than when it comes to people and their weddings.

Here’s how they’re planning to pull it all off.

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