WATCH (With Tissues): No Wonder This Epic Proposal Took 17 Months to Plan 

Although I had seen this proposal flying around the Interwebs, I hadn’t gotten a chance yet to watch it when PW’s trusty assistant editor Alexandra sent it to me, saying, by way of an intro, “I could die.” So I watched, and quite frankly, I am EXHAUSTED.

Let me clarify: This is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve seen and my exhaustion is purely emotional—I’ll pause while you watch it, and then we can discuss:

I mean, the BUILD UP. The EXPENSE. The PLANNING. (Apparently, it took 17 months for Levy to plan it—with money he’s been saving since he was 12—and involved, among other things, 18 roundtrip flights.) HER DAD GIVES HER AWAY FOR HER PROPOSAL. HE DID IT IN THE PLACE WHERE THEY FIRST MET.

I think some buildup can be really fun, especially when packaged well by the proposer—you know, a little scavenger hunt or whatever—but for me, this was almost just a little much of that! I don’t know how she focused—for hours—on her visiting friends or enjoying her manicure or on choosing a dress and getting ready and having normal conversations with people, and then the riding in the car with her parents to the event she had to know was happening. Oof, that would be a rather emotionally draining day—albeit in a good way, for sure—even before the proposal happens, and Lord knows it’s a lot after the question is popped.

But anyway. That part’s just me. And either way, I’m still sobbing. What a sweet boy (seriously, I love him), what a lucky girl, and what an adorable, happy couple. Something tells me a lot of good is ahead of them.

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