How to Have the Perfect Marriage, According to the Numbers

Don't worry, these easy-to-read graphs will show you.

Screen grab via The Atlantic. To see all of the marriage graphs, click the image.

Screen grab via The Atlantic. To see all of the marriage graphs, click the image.

As you may have noticed, it is not without a good measure of frequency that declarations are made about marriage after some sort of research or study or survey takes place. You know, like, say, the one we talked about recently that announced that couples who had bigger weddings tend to have happy marriages and that these days, a third of marriages begin with a hookup.

Well, another one came out, recently—from Emory University—and a data scientist went ahead and did us all a favor and boiled all of the findings down into graphs, which are very easy to read, and, if you follow them, basically give you the keys to entering into a bullet-proof marriage.

The Atlantic published these visuals of his, and as you can see, to really up your chances of not getting divorced—that is, according to this latest number-crunching—you should:

  • Date for more than three years before getting married
  • Have a household income of $125,000+
  • Go regularly to some sort of religious service
  • Care about what your partner looks like
  • Have more than 200 guests at your wedding …
  • … but spend less than $1,000 on it
  • Go on a honeymoon

Easy, right? That about sums it up. So just, you know, check all those things off, and you should be good to go. (Just make sure you and your spouse are on the same drinking page. Don’t know how they missed that one in there.)

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