Pinterest Makes Assumptions About Users With Wedding Boards, Sends Congratulatory Emails to All the Single Ladies 

Just last night, my family and I were talking about how, unless a lady is basically showing you sonogram pictures and talking about nursery colors and baby names, you cannot congratulate her on her pregnancy, even if you are really, really, really quite sure that she is. Just too risky. (This, after my great aunt revealed that she had recently insulted the lady at her post office with a comment like this, and now has to always make sure to go stand in someone else’s line for her stamps.)

Well, I think Pinterest may have just stumbled upon a more modern, tech-based version of this: Sending an email congratulating a girl on her engagement, when in reality she is a single lady just happily pinning away as if she were a wedding-planning engaged lady, you know, for some day.

What’s funny is that I have absolutely heard several not-engaged girls talk about their wedding Pinterest boards, whether they were super top secret and the girls would just die a thousand deaths if their boyfriends ever found them, or whether they pinned proudly and publicly and there wasn’t even a significant other in the picture.

Everyone in my experience has always talked about this topic with a lot of humor, and happily, that seems to be the case, too, with most of the not-engaged ladies now receiving these particular emails from Pinterest: HuffPo rounded up a bunch of their reactions via Twitter, and they’re pretty funny. (So is Pinterest’s response.)

Any of you in this group? (And hey, if you are, just like Pinterest, we are happy to have you! Some day will be here soon enough.)

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