10 Wedding-Planning Don’ts for Brides



There are plenty of situations we hear of brides encountering along their wedding-planning way where they are not quite sure what to do. Whether it’s a matter of etiquette or logistics, it makes sense that you wouldn’t have the answers to everything: Most of you have not planned a wedding before!

That’s why we always think advice like this is really helpful to pass along (as you can see below, too): it clues you into what you’re “supposed” to do concerning either etiquette (/just plain old good manners) or the actual mechanics of putting this thing together—and it hopefully stops you in your tracks if you’ve been mulling over a move that could be perceived as poor etiquette (/just plain old bad manners) by your guests, vendors, friends or family.

Heed it, and everything will run more smoothly for it.

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