How Did Someone Not Invent This Genius, Completely Flat Engagement Ring Box Before Now? 

The Clifton ring box/

The Clifton ring box/

Obviously, when my friends get engaged, the first thing I want is to hear the story from the very beginning. (Well, and to see the ring. Obv.)

But at some point after that—maybe later that night, maybe the next time I see them—I always want to hear the same story from the guy. First, it’s fun to hear it from his beginning—which usually includes fantastic details like talking to her dad and sweating and stammering at the jeweler’s—and it is especially amazing to hear the proposal story peppered with all of the little hiccups that inevitably occurred along the way, unbeknownst to their lovely soon-to-be brides.

Without fail, a major part of the groom’s story involves panic over having the ring, in its bulky square box, on his person in the moments and sometimes hours leading up to the proposal. My one friend’s husband, who proposed on a sky lift in Vail, wiped out on their first run that morning, and touched his pocket so many times the rest of the day until he did it that she thought he was losing it (but never suspected). Another had the ring box on him as they went through airport security before taking off on the vacation where he’d propose, and nearly had an anxiety attack trying to sneakily communicate to the TSA guy patting him down to not pull it out without her hearing (or seeing). I

t’s been a major problem for a long time, which is why I am so shocked that it took someone so long to finally invent this: a completely flat ring box!

The genius who created this sleek box (doesn’t it just look like a classic leather wallet?), a 26-year old Canadian named Andrew Zo, named his genius box the Clifton, and has had so many orders that he’s actually had to stop taking them until October. (So, you know, if you think a proposal might be headed your way sometime soon, you still have time to pass this along.)

To see animated examples of how it works, go here. I mean, I think this is amazing—but sure hope it doesn’t result in less hilarious stories of guys freaking out before they get down on one knee.

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