The 5 Kinds of Poems That Work Best for Weddings—and How to Choose Them



You know how the proverbial they says that there are no original ideas? Sometimes that feels never so true as when it comes to weddings. Everyone wants their celebration to be unique and personal—the opposite of cookie-cutter—of course, but trying to make that happen can sometimes make you feel like you’ve spent the entirety of wedding planning wracking your brain for the most out-there ideas you can come up with.

One fantastic—and relatively simple—way to do this is to really personalize the ceremony portion of your day, and one way to do this is to select each and every reading that is done during it. We’ve talked before about how much we love the use of literature that is significant to the couple for this purpose—and today we saw this piece that really breaks down the five types of poems that we all so often hear at weddings.

She’s dead on, I think—and even though this basically proves that the types of poems you hear at weddings do repeat themselves from ceremony to ceremony, it strikes me as a really helpful way to consider your approach when it comes time to choose the actual pieces that will become a part of your day. Instead of just randomly going out and looking for a poem, first think about what you want it to convey—and then you can search for that, instead of, as the author puts it, lazily Googling “wedding poems good.”

Are you using a poem or piece of literature in your ceremony? How or why did you choose it? 

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