This Couple Turned Their 3,000 Wedding Pictures Into an Animated Wedding “Video” 

When recent groom Kyle King, who happens to be a video editor, received some 3,000 pictures from his wedding photographer, he started to edit them into albums to share with friends and family online. But when he noticed that the pictures had been shot at such a rapid pace by their photog, he got an idea for something different to do with them.

So using his editing skills, he strung them all together in chronological order, set the whole thing to music, and lo and behold: He ended up with a very different kind of wedding video.

Is that not the most fun thing ever? I mean, I personally don’t think it replaces a traditional wedding video with audio and all of that—totally different vibe and practical purpose—but I think this is delightful, and a seriously awesome way to quickly share not only your wedding photos, but a true snapshot (ha!) of what the day was like.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. King finds himself with a new side business—or even a new career!—just a little bit down the line.

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