Gay Marriage Could Generate So Much Money for Pennsylvania



Interesting/exciting article in the Washington Post today about just how much money gay marriage, if legalized, could generate for those states. The amount: bajillions. And by bajillions, we mean $464 million across 11 states.

The Williams Institute, the think tank that broke this all down, did this by looking at a few things:

  • the number of same-sex couples reported on the 2010 census
  • the “Massachusetts experience,” which refers to how in that state, nearly half of same-sex couples tied the knot in the first three years it was legal, and since other legalized states have followed suit, they’re assuming this pattern will continue
  • a bunch of wedding-cost numbers from the Wedding Report (which they actually lowered by a fourth to account for the reality that not all same-sex couples have the same financial support from their families as wedding-planning heterosexual couples, and might not throw as elaborate shebangs).

The result? Well, this, at least, for PA:

Screengrab via Washington Post

Screengrab via Washington Post

Which, as far as we see it, is just another reasons why this is all a very good thing here in the lovely state of PA. Read even more about it at the Post.

{h/t} G Philly

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