PW Reader Ring: Lindsay & Jeff

The couple: Lindsay Grindrod and Jeff Showmaker, Horsham

The ring: I am completely in love with my ring! While Jeff and I had talked a lot about getting engaged and what I liked (we’ve been dating for over six years, since I was 17), he completely took me by surprise.

The ring is a platinum setting with a princess cut center stone and a platinum border directly around the stone. It sits low in a cushion cut halo of diamonds and the band is curved with diamonds as well.

Jeff chose the ring himself with no help from friends, brothers, or even our moms. I didn’t expect something so intricate and detailed, it’s very art deco—the perfect mix of modern and vintage. He said he was inspired by the British romance novels I love to read.

The proposal: The proposal happened on the first night of our yearly vacation down the shore in Wildwood. He asked if I wanted to take a walk to Sunset Lake to watch the sunset. As we were standing by the water, he started talking about our relationship and saying sweet things…that’s when I started to realize what was happening. When he asked me if I would marry him and took the ring out of his pocket, I was so excited that I put it on my finger before I even gave him an answer. My exact words were, “OMG, I didn’t even tell you yes!”

After we calmed down a little bit, the first thing I did was call my mom who was in Atlantic City at the Michael Bublé concert. After that, we walked over to my family’s shore house and then to his. He kept it a surprise from everyone so no one had any idea the proposal was coming. The look on their faces was priceless, it was total shock all around. It was truly one of the best nights of my life.

The band: I definitely want to get a quirky type of wedding band that matches the style of my engagement ring. Lots of diamonds for sure!

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