New Website Better Ever After Lets You Register for Experience Gifts Instead of Blenders and Towels 



As we all know, in this day and age, between couples getting married a little later than they used to and because so many people live together before tying the knot, not everyone needs to head to their nearest Bed Bath & Beyond and zap everything in sight when they’re preparing for marriage, anymore. Some couples, by the time they say their vows, already have all of the flatware and roasting pans they want, and would much rather their generous guests contribute something to their new life that won’t get stored in a cabinet somewhere.

Often, when a couple is in this situation, word will travel by mouth, they’ll end up getting more checks than packages, and soon, they have a great little nest egg perfect for a down payment on a house or a once-in-a-lifetime (read: pre-baby) trip. Well now, there’s a cool new website that offers a different option.

Better Ever After is a startup registry site that allows couples to sign up for experiential wedding gifts instead of small household appliances. They work with companies to offer “gifts” that can be registered for through their site—wine tastings, brewery tours, pie-of-the-month clubs, outdoor adventures, etc.—with the couple simply signing up for what they’d like to do, and guests purchasing whatever their chosen activity is right there.

The bad news is that the site is so new, they’re not set up with Philly-based gifts just yet—so far, they’ve only got New York (where the company was started) and Toronto (where the founder is from and just moved back to). But the good news is that they not only want to expand into other cities and hear from couples concerning where they should go next (tell them here!), the stuff they’ve got set up in NYC is super fun, and just about perfect for a little post-wedding weekend getaway. Sign up for a wine tour, book tix to a show, and you’ve got something to look forward to for your six-month anniversary.

So keep your eye out and who knows, maybe Philly will be next. (We’ll let you know if it is!)

For more about registering, go here.

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