Here Is a Handy Math Equation for Figuring Out How Much Alcohol to Get for Your Wedding



It should come as no surprise that many people consider a wedding to be the prime time to get their drink on. And though we’re all for guests toasting your Big Day, there are a ton of variables that come along with the beverage element of your reception—the main one being cost.

Calculating the total amount of alcohol that you’ll need for your affair can be rather daunting, whether you’re just trying to choose which bar package to go with, or especially if you’re responsible for figuring it all out—and providing it—yourself (as opposed to the venue or caterer handling it all for you).

Luckily, HuffPo put together a rather simple equation—breaking down both your cocktail hour, and your reception—that should make determining how much booze you and your guests will fly through at your nuptials pretty painless. Well, as painless as math can be. Hope it helps!

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