It’s Almost Father’s Day! Let’s Look at These 25 Sob-Inducing Photos of Fathers at Weddings 



I’ve often said that my favorite part of a wedding (dammit, Katherine Heigl)—on the rare occasion these days that a couple hasn’t done a private first look—is watching the groom and seeing his reaction when his bride appears at the top of the aisle before walking down towards him. Even with all those people around, he cannot possibly hide what he’s feeling, and it is delightful to see it all over his face.

But speaking of the guy who is frequently standing with the bride when she appears at the top of the aisle—well, noticing little moments that flash across father of the bride’s face is another favorite. He is feeling an entirely different set of emotions than the groom, to be sure, but they are just as wonderful to watch. And same, honestly, sometimes goes for the father of the groom, too.

So, I would have been all over this weepy roundup of beautiful pictures of fathers at weddings any day—but seeing that Father’s Day is just around the corner, it felt especially perfect to share with you today. (Warning: If thinking about the moments you’ll share with your dad at your wedding have already got your emotions bubbling around in your chest, this will get you. The way the one dad is looking at his daughter in the limo! The dad who is wiping away his tears as he literally walks his daughter down the aisle! I cannot.)

It’s awesome. Take a look.

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