25 Ways to Make Your Wedding a Charitable One



We’ve all, no doubt, been at weddings where in lieu of a tangible favor for guests to take home, the newlywed couple has a made a donation to a foundation that is meaningful to them. And honestly, it’s lovely.

My other favorite thing is when the couple has arranged for their wedding-day flowers to be delivered to a nursing home or hospital or somesuch following the party’s end. They’re beautiful and paid for, and while your guests would undoubtedly love to have one of your centerpieces on their kitchen island, you can just imagine how much they brighten the day of those who are surprised by a truck-load full of flowers arriving at their door.

That’s why we enjoyed this post about all the different ways you can make your wedding a charitable one. Some are kind of no-brainers—if you hold your wedding in a non-profit’s space (museum, botanical garden, and the like), the money you spend there automatically goes to a fantastic cause. And some—did you know there’s a credit card that benefits the charity of your choosing with each purchase you make?—we had never heard of before, but are really awesome ideas.

Are you and your fiance planning on ways to give back through your wedding? What are some ideas the list doesn’t include?

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