Brides Wearing No Makeup: Is This a Trend in Philly?

Local makeup artists weigh in.



Between celebrity influences, YouTube sensations, and even designer runway shows, trends in beauty and makeup are ever changing and constantly on display, and from where we sit, thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian, bold eyes and perfect contours are having a bit of a moment right now.

That’s why this recent ABC News segment about a trend towards brides going makeup-free for their weddings—or at the very least, sporting a very minimal, natural look—caused us to raise an eyebrow.

While we’re all for actually looking like yourself on your Big Day, we’re not quite sold on the whole no-makeup thing becoming a full-fledged trend—but our interest was piqued on the idea of the natural makeup look. So, we caught up with a few of our local makeup artist friends to see if going au natural—or just opting for a minimal makeup—is a trend that Philly brides are picking up on.

  • Beke Beau, Bryn Mawr: “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and brides have, and continue to, run the gamut from ‘waving the vermouth over the vodka,’ so to speak, to wanting the ‘full K-Dash.’ In fact, I’d say the latter is more of a trend. What is even more of a legitimate trend is that women feel that flawlessness and perfection is not only desirable, but achievable through cosmetic means. I always tell brides that it’s a matter of living up to the occasion. The dress is fancy, there are flowers, and a bare face will simply not match the surroundings.”
  • Claudia Seyler, West Chester: “I find that most women, when they are taught and shown the difference that a little concealer makes, that a little blush and some gloss or stain on their lips makes, see that it goes a long way. I don’t get too many brides who want heavy, diva-like makeup, although don’t get me wrong, they are out there. I say minimalistic is by far the way its going, not completely without.”
  • B Wilson, Just B Beautiful, Philadelphia: “I really think it depends on where you live, because even in the Tri-State area I find there are large differences in the looks brides want. My Center City brides opt for natural lashes and airbrush makeup; my South Jersey brides, who are having beach weddings, want a more contoured look and heavier blush; and my Main Line brides still go for full-out glam. I personally haven’t had anyone totally say no makeup, but I have many choose a more natural look via airbrush and BB cream.”
  • Emily Aznavourian, Cheekadee, Chestnut Hill: “We do get some women who normally wear no makeup whatsoever and are pushed into it by a family member or their fiance. These women are by far the hardest clients to please, as they are just too shocked to see themselves with any amount of makeup on. Though we have always had requests for minimal makeup, I don’t see bare faces as a trend. In my opinion, the trend for bridal makeup has remained consistently focused on the eyes, with everything else really played down.”

There you have it. While going makeup-free may be the preference for a few select brides, the majority—at least here in Philly—aren’t ready to ditch the mascara quite yet. Can’t say we blame them, though the minimalist look is definitely something we can get onboard with. We’d love to hear your thoughts, can you imagine going bare faced for your Big Day?

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