CinemaCake Has Brought the Slow-Motion Video Booth for Weddings to Philly

After stumbling upon a film from a slow-motion video booth last summer when they were first arriving on the wedding scene, obviously falling in love and declaring it the next new wedding trend, we were so excited in the fall when we saw that CinemaCake filmmakers had brought this awesome new toy to Philly! (Here are many of Philly’s fine wedding vendors, goofing off in fabulous slo-mo at the NACE conference back then.)

Now, local brides and grooms can treat their guests to an interactive experience that goes way beyond the still frames of your typical photo booth. Behold:

Vanessa and Ken’s Slow Mo Cinema Booth from CinemaCake Filmmakers on Vimeo.

The Slow Mo Cinema Booth encourages guests to step in for a few minutes (either alone or with some buds), engage in silly performances, whether it be tossing a drink in the air, throwing confetti, or blowing up a balloon until it pops. All of the action is caught on camera and played back, in slow-motion, on the booth’s built-in monitor.

So what about those fun photo strips that guests can take away after the affair? CinemaCake offers those, too, if you’d like to give them to your guests as a favor. Just ask for the add-on and each person will receive photos from their performance and a URL address where they can watch the film once it goes live.

The standard booth starts at $4,000, (which includes a three-person crew, lots of fun props, and set up and tear down time) for three hours of service, though everything can be customized to fit larger or longer parties.

So what do you think? Are you in?

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