This Fresh-Flower Necklace from a Philly Florist Is Our New Favorite Thing for Weddings

A fresh-flower necklace from Love 'n Fresh Flowers, photographed by Love Me Do Photography.

A fresh-flower necklace from Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, photographed by Love Me Do Photography.

It is not often that I audibly yelp at my computer screen when I see something pretty/fun/amazing—an under-my-breath ooh or ahh every once in a while, maybe—but this, brides, I squealed at, and so did every other lady who peered over my shoulder: It is a fresh-flower necklace made by Jennie Love of Philly’s Love ‘n Fresh Flowers!

Post-squealing, I checked in with Jennie to get all the details, and this is the deal: She makes the necklaces with fresh flowers plucked right from her farm, as she does with all of her arrangements (for a refresher on that backstory, go here), and constructs the design on a plastic backing attached to a chain with special floral adhesive. She then sprays it with a solution that keeps the blooms from wilting too quickly. “If the right flowers are used, it looks great all through the event for many hours,” she says. “Pinky swear!”

She made the yelp-worthy design above for a recent local wedding where the groom’s sister was standing up on his side; this was Jennie’s suggestion for a kind of feminine boutonniere/alternative to a corsage.

Pricing starts at $65 and varies depending on what flowers are used and how elaborate the design is. “It’s delicate work and takes a while,” says Jennie, “but I love making them.”

And we’re so glad she does. Are you as obsessed as we are?

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