40 Clever and Adorable Signs You Should Definitely Have at Your Wedding

This goes way beyond "Just Married!"

Photo by Alison Conklin.

Photo by Alison Conklin.

I was clicking through some wedding photos and saw a super cute wooden sign at one of them (it directed guests towards various aspects of the reception), which got me clicking on other stuff, and … well, you know how it goes: down the rabbit hole!

I have definitely seen a rise in couples posting various signs at their weddings, and these days, they’re more clever, funny and irreverent than ever. I think they’re so great! Whether they perform a function along with being cute, or simply exclaim a bit of joy on such a happy day, they’re such a cool personal touch; just another opportunity for you and your groom to stamp yourselves all over your celebration and make it really sound/look/feel like you.

And so, please behold the results of my rabbit-holing: Buzzfeed’s roundup of 40 awesome wedding signs. These go so much further than saying, like, “Cake’s this way!” and I just love them, especially the chalkboard one above the display of escort cards that says “If your name isn’t here, it means you are crashing this wedding … you better be funny.”

Which ones are you going to steal? 

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