There’s a Major Crackdown On Websites Selling Knock-Off Wedding Gowns Right Now

But you've still got to be careful.

So I knew, obviously, that there was many a shady website out there that sold knock-off designer wedding gowns—and that sadly, that means that there are so many brides who are the victims of these icky sales—but I have to say, I yelped out loud when this segment from this morning’s Good Morning America revealed just how many brides are meanly swindled in this way each year: 600,000!

This focuses mostly on the economic trouble that this can bring to both gown designers and bridal salons who sell the real deal—but the underlying damage is, of course, that these websites take money from brides and then give them crap, and to say that sucks is a wild and crazy understatement. So this crackdown is seriously awesome news for everyone involved. Take a look:


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