6 Common Habits of Happily Married Couples Across the World



So, many of the studies we reference here are done by a team of researchers/scientists who are employed by some sort of university or other institution, and while they frequently are carried across a good handful of years, not all of them can say what Fawn Weaver, author of Happy Wives Club can: She interviewed 10,000 married couples in 100 countries in order to arrive at what you’re about to read. Whew.

What she came up with are six common habits across all of the couples she interviewed who were very happily married. A few I’ve heard, a few I haven’t. This one, for instance, often seems to be met with eyebrow raises, but I have heard it more and more in recent years:

Put Marriage Before Children

“This is controversial but it was a common denominator among these couples,” said Weaver. “According to them, it was just common sense,” adding that as children leave for college and to begin a family of their own, parents risk being left with an emptied nest akin to “an overdrawn bank account.”

Really interesting, given the vast (10,000 couples!) and therefore strong foundation that these are based on. Read all six of them here.

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