VIDEO: Queen Latifah Marries 33 Couples at the Grammys During Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love”

In case you didn’t see it—or in case you did, but are craving a 7-minute, 25-second-break in your afternoon during which you will feel weepy, here is the video of Queen Latifah quickly but legally marrying 33 couples—some gay, some straight, some prim, some tattooed, all colors, all sizes, all ages—during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ performance of “Same Love” as part of last night’s Grammy show.

Though while I normally love me some Madonna—well, Madonna music, at least, these days—her appearance/singing/white satin Cowboy outfit/unnecessary cane struck me as just a tad jolting and unfitting. But ah well. This was a pretty cool thing.

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