16 Real Couple’s Wedding-Ring Engravings



One of the things in this wedding business that I think never gets old is hearing what couples get engraved on their wedding rings. (Well, other than, like, their names/initials and wedding date, which are obviously lovely but not particularly remarkable.)

Anything like that that really personalizes something to do with your wedding or marriage—especially things that only the two of you get—just makes it all that much more special. In fact, that’s why, a few issues ago, we did an entire story on personalizing even your wedding cake with your favorite little quotes and phrases.

So after seeing this roundup on HuffPo of 9 real brides’ wedding-ring engravings, we did a quick poll and rounded up a few more. It’s a good way to get inspiration for your own engravings, if you and your hub-to-be are going to do them. Helps to realize that it’s fine to think way outside the monogram. Take a look:

  • “My favorite,” which is a phrase we use.
  • “Love you, kid!” because that’s what I call him!
  • “You and no other,” the wedding vows from Braveheart.
  • “Each for the other, both for God” — a popular quote for wedding rings that I’ve heard multiple times. I believe it comes from a hymn.
  • “Tap, tap, tap,” our little code/word thing for “I love you.”
  • “Put it back on!” — this came up a few times when polling this topic.
  • “I actually have a funny story about this. I wear my mom’s wedding ring. It had her initials and my dad’s, and then when we got married, we added ours. I thought that was really sweet. Then years ago I had the ring resized, and they wiped out our initials and left my parents. Which is … kind of weird.” (I love everything about this.)

Are you and your groom going to do engravings? Are you going with the standard initials and date, or doing something a little different? 

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