Philly Wedding Photographer’s Shot Included in 25 Best Wedding Photos of 2013 Roundup



On New Year’s Eve over on HuffPo, Bridal Guide did a roundup of the 25 best wedding photos of the year, as decided by reader votes on Facebook. (The selection came from photos they had spotlighted in their photo-of-the-day posts over the course of 2013.)

The roundup itself is really fun—but what’s even more fun is that one of the shots was from the lovely team of Tony and Amy Hoffer from Philly’s Hoffer Photography! (Take a look at number 20 in the countdown.)

It’s unusual that you see a couple on their wedding day willingly stand out in the rain for a photo, so we thought we’d reach out to the Hoffers to see how this photo—of local couple Danielle and Jeremy Ernst on their October 2013 wedding day at Overbrook Golf Club in Villanova—came to be.

And according to Tony Hoffer, rain was definitely not a part of the wedding-day plan—or apparently, even the forecast! But the couple decided to embrace it, all the same. “Towards the end of the reception, the couple decided to go out and take a quick photo, and at that moment, it wasn’t raining—only a few drops here and there,” he says. As they took the photo, it started absolutely pouring—but since the wedding was about to come to an end, the Jeremy and Danielle didn’t mind at all.

“The best part was how spontaneous it was,” says Tony. “While taking the photo, we thought the couple was under a tree and staying relatively dry—but they were soaked! Everyone looked like they had jumped in the pool, but the bride and groom were totally cool about it.”

Sounds like an awesome moment—and how cool that they’ve got the photo to prove it.

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