PHOTOS: The 10 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2013

Photo via Twitter/@djjosemelendez

Photo via Twitter/@djjosemelendez

Well thank you, E! for this fun little roundup to sparkle-up our Monday!

Turns out, quite a few celebs got engaged this year, and so the entertainment channel’s website put together this fun little slideshow of 10 of the prettiest rings that were handed over in some of these high-profile proposals.

As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I do think that these celeb sparklers can get just a little too big, silly a thing as that might seem to say about a diamond—but actually, this is a really pretty, non-tacky bunch, I have to say! We would be particularly willing to take Lauren Conrad and Scarlett Johansson’s off their hands if they ever decide to upgrade.

Which is your fave? 

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