9 Lessons to Learn About Marriage From Pride and Prejudice



I saw this article in the Atlantic today, and it just delighted me.

And while I know I have sang this tune before—you know, the one about how I swear, even non-English-major geeks like me will love this—I swear again, it’s really really true! I mean, all girls love Pride and Prejudice, right? You have bewitched me body and soul? I heart Mr. Darcy? Hello?

Well, anyway, I feel confident that this will delight you, too. It’s a piece breaking down all of the marriage wisdom that really is inside the pages of Pride and Prejudice, if you really think about it. Everything from truths like how misleading first impressions can be to how, when you marry someone, you really do marry their family, too—it’s all in there.

Kinda makes me want to go watch it—er, read it—again. How bout you? 

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