Top 8 Most Romantic Movie Speeches

Guys, we won't lie. You can't match anything here.

Say what you will about this “Hallmark” holiday, and all of the pink and red crap/lovely things that come along with it, here’s our roundup of the best, most romantic, aww-inducing words of love to ever grace the silver screen. Happy Valentine’s Day, Philly!

#8 Annie Hall
Bet you didn’t think Woody Allen would end up on this list, didja? But here he is, at his most neurotic, charming best.

#7 An Affair to Remember
The music swells, Cary Grant rushes to Deborah Kerr, her secret is revealed, and they embrace. Why don’t more people make dialogue—no, movies—like this anymore?

#6 The Notebook
This proclamation of Noah’s love for Allie is … sniff… the beginning … sniff … of a really special … sniff … love story. Say what you will about schmaltzy Nicolas Sparks, but we dare anyone—anyone—to watch this gut-wrenching, heart-swelling love story without puddling up. Also: Ryan Gosling. (Starts at 3:30.)

#5 When a Man Loves a Woman
(Sexy) Andy Garcia’s (sexy) devotion to his wife after they’ve gone through the ringer is just so genuine and sweet, and his (sexy) adoration of her feels so real, it’s almost weird he and Meg Ryan were never a real Hollywood couple.

#4 Pride and Prejudice
Fact: No man, alive or dead, real or fictitious will ever be able to compete with Mr. Darcy. Ever.

#3 Princess Bride
There is a moment in most women’s lives that they can point to as the minute they stopped wanting to be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella and started wanting to be Buttercup. A hunky blonde farm boy constantly promising, “As you wish”? We’d fling ourselves down that hill, too.

#2 Gone With the Wind
Behold: The sex appeal of the handsome scoundrel.

#1 When Harry Met Sally
For someone to love us, just as we are. Sigh.

BONUS: Say Anything
The boombox scene. Obviously. We didn’t include this on our list because it’s more gesture than speech, but seriously—what words go better with impassioned teenage angst better than Peter Gabriel’s?