Look at This Cute Ring-Hidden-in-a-Book Proposal From a Philly Writer

Look at This Cute Ring-Hidden-in-a-Book Proposal From a Philly Writer

Eric hid Nena's ring in their favorite book.

A former colleague from here at the magazine recently sent me this tip about one of her current colleagues at Philly publishing house Quirk Books (who, incidentally, and in full disclosure just so happen to be the publishers of my little wedding-planning book), and since we love a cute proposal story around here, we had to share.

You know how so many couples have a thing they say—whether it’s a direct quote from a book or movie or what have you, or just a little phrase that somehow developed between the two of them? Eric Smith, who not only handles social media and marketing at Quirk, but runs the well-loved and (self-declared) super geeky blog Geekadelphia, has a quote like that with his now-fiance Nena, from the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. (Check out Eric’s blog to read the backstory on why—and see more pics.)

Because of that, he knew he wanted to use that book in his proposal, and so when the couple went for a quick romantic getaway in Toronto the other week, he got sneaky. After a little arts-and-crafts sesh, Eric hid the ring in “their” book (pictured), slapped on a new proposal-perfect cover—and then waited until they wandered into cute indie bookshop Ben McNally books to sneak it out of his bag.

And of course, the story’s got a happy ending. Congrats to the happy couple!

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