PHOTOS: 23 Wedding Rings Nerds Will Love

PHOTOS: 23 Wedding Rings Nerds Will Love


A colleague passed this roundup along this morning, and it gave us such a chuckle, we had to share: It’s 23 wedding rings for nerds! (Well actually, as you’ll notice, it claims to present dorky rings for geeks, but after careful debate, we’ve all agreed that these rings are more accurately suited for nerds. There is a difference between the three, after all.)

There are wedding rings (and they’re, like, real, with legit stones and metals and engravings and all that; they’re not gag wedding rings, or anything) for comic book and super hero-lovers; Lord of the Rings types; Star Wars types; gamers; cinephiles; Lego enthusiasts; and even some stuff I admittedly don’t even understand the references to.

But they’re all super fun, and everyone gets inspiration from somewhere different, right? I’ve actually got friends who have “You and no other” engraved on their wedding rings. (Remember where that’s from?)

Is there a theme-type of inspiration you and your groom are going to work into your wedding rings?

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