Bridal Blogger Kristy: My Farewell

Kristy's signing off.

Bridal Blogger Kristy: My Farewell

Kristy and Eric on their wedding day. Photo by Matthew Hall.

So now what?

Some people have the post-wedding blues, but my reaction following our wedding was relief that the planning had concluded, and excitement for our life together as husband and wife.

I wish I could tell you that our life was this simple; that we returned from our honeymoon and everything fell into place, that we got back into a routine, and settled right into married life. Eric and I returned from our honeymoon relaxed and ready to start our future together—but in a new environment, slightly further north and much closer to the Big Apple than to Philly. We both had decided to take new jobs in Northern New Jersey at the beginning of the year, and thankfully, were offered start dates at the end of July. We were thrilled at the opportunities but hesitant about the relocation.

I’ve always have been a Philly girl and have lived in or within 20 minutes of downtown my entire life. So a possible move on the horizon, especially one away from my forever hometown, was nerve wracking. The decision was a difficult one to make, and especially hard while planning for a wedding. But Eric and I knew this was a great opportunity, and that if we turned it down, we’d regret it. So after much consideration we decided to make the move after returning from our honeymoon.

By now, we have already started our new jobs, and are settling into our temporary home as we research neighborhoods and figure out where we can buy or rent. This whirlwind of an experience with so many life changes—marriage, relocating, and starting new jobs—has brought as much closer. We are happy with our decision (even though we miss our friends and family down south) and have bonded tremendously over this past month because we’re helping each other through these life changes.

The only thing I truly regret is that with so many changes going on at once, I’m not sure I was fully present during all of them—there were so many in such a short period of time that I feel like I lacked emotion with some of them. The wedding was amazing and I was completely focused for that—but, like, on my last day of work (which was two days before our wedding), I feel like I left in the way that someone who was going on vacation just for a few weeks would have left. And on the honeymoon, I couldn’t help but spend time thinking about things like how we were going to get enough boxes and rental truck lined up in time for the move.

But everything fell into place very easily and the transition is a work in progress.

So, now that I’m a married woman doing courageous things like starting a new job and future with my husband, I would just like to encourage brides to enjoy their beautiful wedding day, smile as much as you can, and embrace the future together as one. We planned an amazing wedding together, loved each other through the entire process, made the decision to move and to take on new opportunities together, and we couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it any differently.

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