More Couples Are Throwing Multiple Weddings

We've been seeing this for a while, now.

Earlier this year, we had started to hear more and more about this “trend” (quotes meaning we are using this word very loosely) of couples throwing more than one wedding in order to accommodate all of their various family and friends—and all of the various religions, cultures and geographies of their various family and friends.

Well, that concept is back in the spotlight, as apparently, it really is becoming more and more of a thing. (There. We like that word better than trend.) This morning we saw a segment on this idea, focusing on one couple who had three weddings—a Hindu one, a Catholic one, and an intimate one in a vineyard. Watch the video to hear them talk about their reasoning behind the 100 different weddings, the logistics of pulling all of them off, and how they feel about having done it in the end.

Is anyone considering doing multiple weddings in order to cover all your bases? How is planning for them going?

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