Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: My Atlantic City Bachelorette Party!

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: My Atlantic City Bachelorette Party!

Stephanie and her girls at her bachelorette party in AC last weekend.

The tiara, the sash, the scavenger hunt, Atlantic City—I would have never imagined myself in the scene, but I embraced it all last Saturday at my bachelorette party, and had a blast.

We arrived at the Trump last Saturday afternoon. We dumped all of our stuff in our very sufficient, rather spacious hotel room with a great view (the best rate we could find in all of Atlantic City) and then made our way to the beach bar. We were able to get in some solid people-watching (a very entertaining Jersey Shore-esque experience), sun, and snacks, before heading back up to our rooms to prepare for the evening ahead.

The group had lots of opinions on what I should wear, including a mandated tiara and sash, which I hesitantly conceded to wearing. My co-worker Charlotte leant me her sexy red dress; and while there was another sparkly contender, I decided that red was the way to go. My cousin Jen “wand”ed my hair (I had never been “wand”ed before—pretty exciting). And after finishing up my make-up, I looked around, and wow, we all looked awesome—each of us in vibrant, summery shades. We were a walking rainbow.

While waiting for two more members of the group to arrive, we played a game that had my cheeks matching my dress, while we sipped on wine and champagne and snacked on cheese and crackers. Then, the lingerie shower began. After each package I opened, I had to guess who was the gift-giver; and man, I was awful. But I got some absolutely gorgeous things—some practical and beautiful, many perfect for the honeymoon, and a few hysterically embarrassing items. There was lots of laughter, lots of flushed cheeks, and tons of fun.

Next, we headed to Carmine’s for a family-style Italian dinner. My sister had done some pretty extensive research, and Carmine’s offered the best deal for a large group of people and had availability. The food was delicious, and there must have been at least five other bachelor and bachelorette parties, which made for an entertaining atmosphere. My favorite part of dinner was getting to see my friends, my cousins, and my coworkers chatting, laughing, getting along so well. As with our showers and our engagement party, nothing really makes me happier then to see all of the people we care about mingling and enjoying each other’s company.

After capping off dinner with a ridiculously-named shot of Bailey’s and something else delicious (an item to cross off my scavenger hunt list), we headed next door to Cuba Libre. When my sister asked me what I wanted to do for my bachelorette party, this was my only request: salsa dancing! I’ve always adored dancing. I’ve taken a class or lesson in nearly every discipline there is. But while in college at the University of Miami, I particularly fell in love with salsa dancing.

We arrived at Cuba Libre before the dance floor had been cleared, so we stood by the bar and sipped on mojitos—also a favorite from my time in Miami. The dancing kicked off with a performance by two professionals, and my sister was awesome enough to point me out to one of them, who asked me to dance. The incredible thing about salsa for a woman is as long as you have the basics rhythm down and have a strong male lead, you can do all kinds of amazing things. So I had one remarkable dance! Unfortunately, nearly right after that, they stopped playing salsa music and switched over to the standard, techno-y stuff.

I would have really loved more salsa, but we made our way up to the top floor of Cuba Libre and danced for two or three hours to Top 40. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do in the world, so I was completely and utterly contented!

After leaving, we thought about heading to destination number two, but decided to head back to our rooms; and upon sitting on the bed, I nearly instantly fell asleep. We woke up the next morning and headed to brunch at Amada in Revel. What a cool space, and the food was delectable. I’d recommend the eggs benedict and salted carmel donuts—my mouth’s watering just thinking about them. At brunch, we were able to recap the events of the evening and talk about the events to come! Only two more weeks!

I loved my bachelorette party; most of all, I loved it because of the people that were there. They went out of their way to celebrate with me—cousin flew in from Texas! My sister worked extremely hard at planning every detail. And it’s remarkable how committed and interested all of them were in ensuring I had a good time. But it was seeing them—some of the most important women in my life—laughing, smiling, and rocking it on the dance floor that made my night.

Did you end up doing something for your bachelorette party you never thought you’d do? And was it fun?

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