VIDEO: Here Is a Bride Who Did Not Look In the Mirror On Her Wedding Day

Say wha?

Starting in the summer of 2011, Kjerstin Gruys stopped looking in the mirror—ever—for an entire year. Her new book about the experiment, Mirror Mirror Off the Wall, is out now.

Ballsy, yes, but here’s the thing: This time period included her wedding day! Her wedding day. She talks about that in the video below—there’s video of her wedding day, actually—and while I totally get that, as she says, no one who was there that day was going to let her walk down the aisle with broccoli in her teeth, there was no way for them to know if she looked the way she had always envisioned looking on her wedding day. I get that that is a rather large part of the point of her whole experiment, but still. Whew. Props to her for sticking to it! It’s pretty awesome. I don’t think I could do it. Those wedding photos last forever, man. Watch it here:

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