Here Is a Website That Will Turn Your Wedding Gown Into Something Else; Something New

Here Is a Website That Will Turn Your Wedding Gown Into Something Else; Something New


Some brides preserve their gowns after the wedding is over, and store them away for either sentimentality or posterity’s sake. Some brides sell their gowns—either through a fabulous local bridal consignment shop or through various websites such as—and recoup some of the cash they spent on it, turning their little payback into some extra goodies on the honeymoon, or somesuch. And other brides revamp their dresses, either to wear again in a different form—or as an entirely different item altogether.

If you feel like you are the third kind of girl, there, then you should totally look into this website: Old New Borrowed Redo. ABC News reports that it was started by two sisters who started the company after pondering the extreme time and expense that goes into purchasing a wedding gown, they will take your wedding gown and work with you to turn it into something else entirely: a cocktail dress, a piece of lingerie, a blanket, throw pillow, frame, you name it. They’ve got a whole section of before-and-after photos on their site to help get your ideas flowing if you don’t have one already.

Pretty cool, huh? What about any of you? Do you have any plans to turn your wedding dress into something else after your wedding? Is your goal to wear it again in some way?

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