Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Finalizing Our Décor—Linens, Tableware, and Reception Flowers

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Finalizing Our Décor—Linens, Tableware, and Reception Flowers

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I think of myself as a creative person, but it’s very hard for me to envision the execution of an idea without something tangible.

My mom, my wedding planner Kathy and I had researched and debated all kinds of décor possibilities for the Four Seasons ballroom, yet I was left feeling utterly confused about what might work best within the room. It wasn’t until we got into the ballroom a few weeks ago that the ideas came to life, and I was able to come to some decisions.

We traveled to Total Table to pick out a tablecloth a few days prior, and the selection was overwhelmingly gigantic—easily 200-plus options. Who knew so many varieties of tablecloths existed? We kept placing one on top of the other and stepping back to evaluate it, before trying yet another option. By the end of our three-hour appointment (another mind-blowingly long wedding appointment that I never imagined could consume so much time), we had narrowed down the selection to three: textured rosettes in ivory, textured floral pattern in a vibrant purple, and textured stripes and polka dots in ivory.

Feeling pressured to make a decision that instant, I took a moment to think it through and realized—to the disappointment of all involved—that an immediate determination was totally unnecessary. Why make a largely uninformed decision when it was possible to order a sample, bring it directly to the Four Seasons ballroom, and then make the call?

So that’s what we did. And my leading contender, the textured rosettes, appeared far too busy once in the ballroom. So we began exploring the possibilities that Kathy had brought from Party Rental. We sifted through several more options before finally settling on an elegant, satin, lavender tablecloth that is so much more simplistic than what I thought I wanted based on my trip to Total Table. But once within the actual ballroom, the elaborately textured tablecloths seemed a bit out of place and drew attention to the wrong places. Rather, the lavender has a softness to it—yet with more flair than your typical plain ivory—that will allow the flowers to be the focal point.

In the same visit, we also selected flatware. While the wedding planner and my mom originally suggested changing the flatware to match our color and design theme, I suggested we stick with what the Four Seasons has to offer in the interest of saving money. The expenses are getting absurd! The Four Seasons’ plates are beautiful—classy yet modern—and the glassware is totally sufficient. We did opt to add a purple-tinted glass from Party Rental and a dark purple napkin to spice things up a little.

Lastly, my florist, Shannon from Rhoads Garden, met us in the ballroom. My first appointment at Rhoads was exceptionally long, and by the end of it, my brain was at capacity, refusing to hold any more information about orchids and calla lilies. Also at my first Rhoads meetings, I was at a loss as to how to decorate such an expansive space; I wasn’t sure where to start when it came to which areas should have flowers, and where they should be placed. It was, therefore, extremely helpful to have Shannon actually there, pointing at specific regions and drawing diagrams. We have a floral mock-up planned for just a few weeks from now, but we were able to refine the direction and really zero-in on what we need in the meantime.

Being in the ballroom again helped me to more clearly visualize the finished product and make the decisions to help us get there. And I’m excited!

What did you do to help narrow down the millions of decisions you have to make about details and décor?

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