Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: The Moment Just Hit Me: I’m Getting Married!

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: The Moment Just Hit Me: I’m Getting Married!

Carly and Sean at their engagement party.

Something pretty exciting struck me this week and I want to share it with you.

I’m getting married!

Now I know that may sound silly. In fact, I’ve known for sure that I’m getting married (and have been wearing the ring to prove it!) for the last 11 months. But, that’s been all in my head; something I’ve known. After Sean’s proposal, we went immediately into planning mode and it’s been go go go ever since. Of course, I’ve continued to love Sean and feel excited about our upcoming wedding throughout these last months, but recently, as the Big Day draws closer, the knowledge we are getting married has changed from being a fact in my head to a feeling in my heart.

It started last week, when Sean and I celebrated three years together. It was exciting to think that we’ve spent the last three years as a couple, and that while some things have changed, we remain insanely happy to be together. As we sat at Stateside sharing our amazing (and free!) foie gras panna cotta and red wine (thanks awesome folks at Stateside for helping us celebrate!) I thought about how, about a year from now, we’d be celebrating our first year as a married couple and how special that anniversary will be.

It struck me again on Tuesday evening. As I’ve mentioned, the Down Town Club (our reception venue) has gone through some major renovations since we first booked it. To show off their makeover, Cescaphe invited us to come to an open house reception earlier this week. Sean and I walked through the newly renovated rooms, and I began to daydream about the next time we will be in that space: our wedding day! Walking home that night my heart was full and fluttering, thinking that very soon Sean would be my husband and, for maybe the first time, that felt very real.

Finally, just yesterday, our first gift arrived in the mail. As I walked into the mail area of our apartment building, I almost tripped over the two large Crate & Barrel boxes with my name on them. I carried them up to our apartment and haven’t opened them yet. But knowing that our loved ones are beginning to buy us gifts gave me another reality check that our wedding is very near. It also reminded me that, in addition to officially becoming each other’s family, we are also starting to build our home together, and we are so very grateful to those in our lives who are helping to make that possible.

A few months ago my girlfriend (and bridesmaid) Megan told me a story about a friend of hers who was recently married. Soon after her wedding this friend shared with her how different and special her married relationship feels. That going from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife has a very important feel to and that the bond between her and her new husband feels stronger and more solid now than before, even a few days after saying “I do.”

I caught a glimpse of that feeling this week when gravity set in on our impending vows. I am so excited to be bonded to Sean through marriage. He is such a great man and partner and I really do look forward to being able to call him my husband and to be his wife.

On a similar note, the word Mrs. still sounds a little weird though … I’m not sure I feel old enough to be a Mrs.! But, that’s a worry for another day.

When did it hit you that you are actually going to be married when the wedding is all said and done? Or hasn’t it even hit you yet?

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