Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Having a Blast at Our Cake Tasting!

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Having a Blast at Our Cake Tasting!

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Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up in life—or in my case, wedding planning.

I had had a few power weeks, once even having three different wedding-related appointments in a week, and was constantly working on some wedding detail. And then a lazy weekend rolled around, and a busy work week, and I was constantly pushing my tasks aside. But then one of the more exciting and enjoyable appointments came along: cake tasting! And there’s nothing like a good sugar rush to get your booty moving and back on track.

Taking the suggestion of our caterer, we scheduled an appointment with Dough Main Bakery in Rosemount. We were able to choose any baker for our desserts, but we knew Dough Main’s pricing was within our budget, and you can’t pass up a free tasting with someone who’s come highly recommended.

We were not disappointed with the suggestion. Eric and I entered the quaint bakery on a weekday afternoon when it was pretty quiet, so we didn’t feel rushed and could eat as much cake as we wanted without the jealous eyes of passersby. After answering a few basic questions, we started tasting. Thankfully, David (the baker at Dough Main) provided us with a ‘cheat sheet,’ listing the cake choices and which icing and filings they were paired with so we could easily swap flavors and still know exactly what we were tasting. We were able to choose a different cake for each layer, allowing us to personalize the selection. We opted for a ‘safe’ selection that we know most people will enjoy, and two additional choices that were our favorites. It was not an easy choice, but once we made it, we knew we were 100-percent satisfied with it.

Next, we talked cake design. I printed out multiple pictures of cakes I liked and showed them to David. We settled on one particular design we really enjoyed, keeping it fairly simple but incorporating our wedding colors, gray and yellow. I am attempting to make our cake topper: bride and groom love birds! The appointment was a complete success and we were even sent home with leftovers! They sure know a way to a girl’s heart.

Did you have as much fun at your cake tasting? Did you go with traditional flavors, or really personalize your cake for you and your groom?

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